Samantha Sophia Scali. New York City. 16. I love: My family. Taking pictures. Guys who smile. Vacations. Josh Hutcherson. Forever 21. Paris. Nail Polish. Sunglasses. Vermont. My dogs. New York City. Urban Outfitters. Singing. Sperry's. Hunger Games. Free People. Long Hair. Green Eyes. My Friends. Kissing. Christmas. Bikinis. Cole Sprouse. Sun Tanning. My bed. America's Next Top Model. Pineapple. Boys who hug from behind. Kisses on the forehead. Mascara. Glee. Loud music. Rainy days. Frozen Yogurt. Cocoanut. Dylan Sprouse. Dresses. The color white. The Bachelorette. The Beach. Zac Efron. Smiling. Sweatpants. Jonas Brothers. High Waisted Shorts. Belly shirts. Laughing. Leonardo Dicaprio. Candy. Movies. Fall. Dreamcatchers. Being with people. 21 Jump Street. Florida. Chocolate. Lip biting. Disney. History. Miley Cyrus. Sleeping. Italy. The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Boats. Dating. Surprises. Skylar Grey. and Tumblr. -Follow me.